Service centre

FVS S.p.A. carries out pre-processing of beams, sheets, pipes and profiles in its service centre and today ranks among the most important Italian production companies in the metal construction sector.

The pre-processing carried out in the service centre, thanks to continuous investments in technology and personnel, allows the industrialisation of activities which are traditionally carried out by hand in the workshop with obviously much higher processing costs. FVS S.p.A therefore offers its customers certain production costs, precise timing and a clear competitive advantage in carrying out its activities.

The immediate advantages are:

  • Reduction in procurement time and costs

  • Elimination of low-productivity jobs (e.g. stair stringers, notching...)

  • Traceability and certification of processed materials

  • Precision in the coupling of parts (all numerically controlled machining lines)

  • Absence of waste

  • Reduction in handling costs

  • Guaranteed protection of the material against corrosion (sandblasting, painting and galvanising)

  • Easy job management

  • Easy assembly

We can also guarantee: technical and financial assistance for your projects.

The main metal processing operations are listed here:

  • Cutting to size

  • Drilling and marking

  • Notching and machining with mechanical milling machine - plasma - oxyfuel cutting

  • Angle punching

  • Surface protection treatments (sandblasting, painting and galvanising)

  • Application of pegs and/or connectors (Nelson - Tecnaria type or others)

  • RTB welded finished structures

  • 3D laser and plasma processing on round tubes, square rectangles

  • Hollow core beams

  • Calendering

  • Double T beams made of sheet metal

  • Cut and drilled plates