Painting and Galvanizing Steel: Surface Protection Treatments

FVS order to protect the products offered from corrosion, it has been collaborating for a long time with companies specialized in the surface protection of materials.

Corrosion is a phenomenon of gradual deterioration of a metal material due to interaction with the surrounding environment. It occurs in the omnipresent layer of moisture (condensation) on the surface of the metal, often not visible to the naked eye, according to oxidation-reduction processes between steel and atmospheric oxygen.

To counteract the corrosion phenomenon, it is possible to intervene on the causes, making the steel less vulnerable by means of surface protection treatments or materials capable of passivation

For steel structures, corrosion protection is achieved through:

  • To use of steels with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion S355J0W “CORTEN” (product standard UNI EN 10025-5);

  • PAINTING (liquid or powder): application on steel of polymeric systems that involve a surface coating capable of interposing between the steel and aggressive species (barrier effect or passive protection);

  • HOT GALVANIZING BY IMMERSION: application on steel of metal coatings which, in addition to exploiting the barrier effect, offer electrochemical protection (cathodic or active protection) preventing the oxidation of steel thanks to a constant supply of electrons


(Source AIZ)

Regardless of the protective cycle used, it is always essential to treat the material with MECHANICAL SANDBLASTING-GRAINING, in order to clean the surface and above all create the conditions for the painting cycle to adhere perfectly to the surface

FVS S.p.A. offers a sandblasting service for both sheets and profiles, both in commercial and pre-processed bars.