Drilling and marking Steel Products

Drilling is a fundamental process for the coupling of bolted joints, the use of new and latest generation drilling machines allow machining tolerances that are very close to the mechanics, so we can guarantee extreme precision in the assembly phase of the structures.

The import of dstv - nc - cam machine files allows for a reduction in the possibility of manual programming errors and perfect integration with the most up-to-date BIM design systems.

FVS S.p.A. as part of the profile drilling process, it offers the following possibilities

  • Drill drilling from diam. 6mm to 35mm (tolerance +/- 0.1mm)

  • Plasma drilling (2mm tolerance) over 36mm in diameter

  • Drilling with mechanical cutter (tolerance +/- 0.1mm) no diameter limit

  • Import of dstv - nc - cam files

  • Engraving marking

  • Marking by punching

  • Deep marking for material to be galvanized and / or with multiple painting cycles