Metal welding: Welded finished structures - RTBĀ® (Ready to Build)

FVS S.p.A. collaborates with increasing frequency with builders and carpenters, who decide to make use of our support and service also with regard to the assembly and welding of metal structures.

We are able to manage the entire supply process, from the raw material to the finished product delivered to the construction site, READY FOR ASSEMBLY

This extreme extension of the service center concept allows the customer-partner to obtain important competitive advantages:

  1. Simplification in the operational management of orders.

  2. Reduction of the gap between collection times and payment times.

  3. Optimization of stocks of raw materials and semi-finished products.

  4. Ability to compete on orders of all sizes, regardless of company size.

  5. Flexibility and increase in production capacity.

  6. Better use and orientation of internal resources towards the development of new markets / opportunities.

  7. Certain production costs.

  8. Fixed costs reduction.

  9. Logistics cost reduction.

  10. Reduction of the risk of changes in the prices of raw materials.