Plasma Cutting and Coping Steel Products

Notches, and in general plasma metal cutting (or oxy-cutting) of metal profiles, involve a high expenditure of time in the workshop, as they are purely manual processes, which involve a series of critical issues:

  • Manual tracing or through templates of the cuts to be made
  • Difficulty in maintaining adequate machining tolerances and precise cuts
  • Need to use highly qualified personnel (experienced carpenter) who could be used for more profitable and important tasks, such as building assembled positions
  • Need to clean the cuts made through more or less deep grinding, with relative waste of time. (The processes of FVS S.p.A. always provide for the cleaning of the cuts made)

FVS S.p.A. through the use of systems equipped with a numerically controlled robotic arm, it can offer the following processing on profiles, in particular Double T beams, U-bars and tubes:

  • Notching

  • Creation of openings in the core or on the wings of any size and shape

  • Buttonholes

  • Round square rectangular holes for implant passage

  • Crimping - preparations for full-partial penetration welding

  • Rat holes

  • Cut to size

  • Realization of the double inclined cut on the same side of the H beam

All processes can be performed according to the needs of precision and type of material with:

  • PLASMA torch

  • OSSITAGLIO torch


The machined profiles are always passed through a laser scanner to correct the theoretical measurements of the catalog profile in the programming, compared to the real dimensions of the profile which in hot rolled profiles, although in tolerance to the regulations, can be very high.