By December 2017 the supply of pre-machined HEA beams (900 tons) for the largest APPLE STORE in Italy will be completed, the chosen location is ROME, in Via del Corso, in the historic Palazzo Marignoli. The building was built in 1870 by the architect Giulio Podesti for the Marignoli family and stands on the site of the church of S. Lucia della Colonna (later S. Maddalena). In the early 20th century, the palace also housed the historic Caffè Aragno, frequented by many Roman intellectuals and others. In recent years, Palazzo Marignoli has housed several businesses, such as Spizzico and the Diesel store. This work is a perfect example of the possibilities, speed and flexibility that steel offers even in the field of RENOVATION of historic buildings. The interior design will be that of the latest Apple Stores seen in London and San Francisco, with references to Italian architecture.